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Clara Schumann

Clara Schumann was an extraordinary woman. prodigiously talented, she was the first  female concert pianist, an remarkable composer and carried the musical legacy of her  husband Robert Schumann. Clara composed her Three Romances Op. 22 in 1852–1853 for  the renowned violinist Joseph Joachim, a personal friend of the Schumanns. They were  among the last pieces Clara Schumann published.

Ernest Bloch - Nigun

 "A nigun opens windows in the soul"

In 1923 Bloch composed a short, three-movement suite in honor of the famous Polish rabbi  Baal Shem Tow. Nigun is a melody from Kabbalistic/Chassidic tradition, usually without  words. For me this piece is a prayer of lamentation. It is considered a path to higher  consciousness and change of self. 

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