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Eva-Maddalena Fleszar is a versatile violinist based in Switzerland. She has received several awards and prizes at national and international music competitions in Switzerland, Italy, and France. Eva-Maddalena earned a Bachelor's degree with distinction from the Haute École de Musique Lausanne under the guidance of violinist and pedagogue Prof. Lihay Bendayan and earned a Master's performance degree from the Hochschule der Künste in Bern where she studied with Prof. Barbara Doll.

She continued her violinistic education under the tutelage of Hrachy Harutyunyan and then Shlomo Mintz at the Shlomo Mintz Academy. Today, she is active as a soloist, chamber musician and pedagogue.


I was born in Switzerland and raised beside the Mediterranean Sea in the Italian Riviera, not  far from the French border. My schooling in Italy and my musical training in France allowed  me to simultaneously encounter two different cultures. At the time I was living in a secluded  village surrounded by the most breathtaking scenery.

Being surrounded by such natural  beauty with no other distractions made me fall in love with art and develop a strong passion  for music and the violin. Since then, the dedication to the violin has accompanied me through my life’s journey. 

Immersing myself in music and be a part in  communcating storys throught the sound of the violin inspires and and challenges me. I  love about music that it creates beauty throught connection and to share that in concerts  and through teaching brings me great joy. 

"Music lives and breathes to tell us who we are and what we face. It is a path  between ourselves and the infinite "


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